순야타 suññatā 

a journey: on the path to knowledge and wisdom


<2021 Xishuangbanna Foto Festival> 

invited to exhibit at the Xishuangbanna Foto Festival in China, 2021

2021 시솽반나 국제 사진페스티벌 전시작

순야타 suññatā 空 © BHANG Youngmoon, 2018 - 2022

“The present is like the flatness of Earth: an illusion.” ― Carlo Rovelli

<Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Elusive Structure of the Universe and the Journey to Quantum Gravity>

Just as the universe is constantly changing,

the consciousness that is manifested also continues to fluctuate.


Emptiness(gong, suññatā, 厗) is the key characteristic feature of all manifestations. At the heart of Buddhist ontology is the recognition of the &the realm of Dhamma(the realm of the Law, 跏礿)*, which means that the principle of dependent co-arising is the key principle of our universe.



One of the famous theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli explains that nowadays, the essence, the reality of this universe is not the law of being, but the law of becoming. In this interaction, interdependence, and the laws of becoming, the world that can be perceived in our perception is being emerged. I take this perspective and make it the focal point of the thought underlying my work. From this perspective, I have been working on the visualization by which we think, see, converge, rethink and understand the world.


As the part of this way, the photographic series has been composed once again with the subject and theme of ※the water and the emptiness(gong, suññatā, 厗).§ If the &ocean* is able to symbolize the world we are aware of and the world that has built us, &the water in the tank* is a way to express our own consciousness itself.


In every moment, a huge amount of information is coming through our sense organs. Furthermore, the world that we can recognize is not the world it is but the interpretation. We can only recognize the results of interpretation. What is out there? Patterns of protons, various patterns of air pressures, various kinds of chemical reactions, various kinds of structures of molecules. But we see something, smell something, taste something, feel something. These are the interpretation what I said. This interaction is the world it is that we are living, but what is it?


The moon may be reflected in the still water as it is,

but our consciousness is usually in a state of turbulence all the time.

The knowledge of that the fluctuation of our own consciousness

can guide us to stillness. You must experience a state of stillness

Because, only by this experience of a state of stillness,

you can understand the state of fluctuation.


Our consciousness fluctuates, usually.

But through the experience of stillness,

we can realize that our consciousness fluctuates.


When you realize and accept the fluctuation of your consciousness,

you can get the knowledge of that how you can deal with them.


By this art works,

I present that how we perceive the world and shape our consciousness,

And try to imagine that this unstable world is perceived by

the fluctuating consciousness thus formed.

I draw the stillness, quietness and peacefulness as the answer.


From there,

I think we will begin to understand that how we can communicate with our own minds little by little.



(1) Sati - "awareness"

"remembrance, reminiscence, thinking of or upon, calling to mind", or simply "memory"


(2) Samatha - "concentration"

"tranquility of the mind", or "mind-calmness"