The Circumference of The Circle



I am food, I am food, I am food! (object)

I am the eater of food, I am the eater of food, I am the eater of food! (subject)

I am the poet, I am the poet, I am the poet! (who joins the two together)

I am the first-born of the Right.

Before the Davas I was in the centre of all that is immortal. He who gives me away, he alone preserves me: him who eats food, I eat as food. I overcome the whole world, I, endowed with golden light. He who knows this, attains all this.


(translated by F. Max Müller)


The sun heats up the atmosphere of the earth. The atmosphere and the oceans circulate the heat. Wind blows, rain rains, the earth put forth what can we eat. We eat it. So, I came from everything. I am the sun, I am the earth, I am the atmosphere, I am the ocean, I am the food. But We've forgotten about this. If we don't remember this, the punishment will come.

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