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a photographic study on the things and matters

Invited to exhibit as a special photo exhibition at Ewha-Luce International Seminar 2019,

Ewha Womans University

2019 이화여대 이화-루스 국제세미나 특별전 초청작

On reality, object, and knowledge:

a Photo Exhibition is about our perception and reality, and the problems arising from the gap between the two wrought in picture forms. In an age where digital files are turned into real-life objects,  this exhibition displays pictures of 6 sculptures designed and printed using a 3D printer and a real chicken egg. 


The exhibition is composed of seven images.

Through these images, this exhibition aims to elucidate on the nature of reality, how we perceive and acknowledge it, and how knowledge of reality can redefine and shape that reality itself.

(1) as by one clod of clay all that is made of clay is known,

(2) the difference being only a name, arising from speech, 

(3) but the truth being that all is clay.

(1) 이는 흙덩어리 하나를 통해서 흙으로 된 모든 것을 알게 되는 것과 같다.

(2) 변형은 언어에 의해서 야기되는 이름이다.

(3) 바로 흙이란 것이 실재다.




사진연작 '다면체 탐구 Exploring Polyhedron'는 오늘 우리가 마주하는 기술 가운데 하나인 3D 프린팅과 디지털 사진을 통해 이러한 실재(the truth)와 변형(difference)에 관해 고민한다. '변형' 또한 우리가 경험하는 엄연한 현상계 속의 사실이며, 실재는 변형을 통해 자신의 다채로운 모습을 관철시킨다. 

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