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20210319-KDJ - Inaugural speech_landscap

Visualization of President Kim Dae-jung's Inaugural speech © BHANG Youngmoon, 2021

20210423-The Beatles - Blackbird_resized

Visualization of The Beatles' Blackbird by BHANG Youngmoon, 2021

"Since composing "Blackbird" in 1968, McCartney has given various statements regarding both his inspiration for the song and its meaning. In one of these scenarios, he has said he was inspired by hearing the call of a blackbird one morning when the Beatles were studying Transcendental Meditation in Rishikesh, India. In another, he recalls writing it in Scotland as a response to racial tensions escalating in the United States during the spring of 1968." - WIKIPEDIA

When I take this song for my visualization project, I focused on the latter opinion. Usually, 'bird' is a symbol of socially disadvantaged people such as women. In this case, the idea came from a response to racial tensions in US of 1968, 'Blackbird' was the metaphor of African-American women in the US. This is my point of view. For this reason, I put the visualization image of the song to this project. - BHANG Youngmoon, 2021

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