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My works begin with my two critical concerns.
One is that current humanity, that is, our worldview, is very reductionist and in extreme cases, it is easy to confuse the overall state of affairs with the sum of its components. This often leads to the mistake of confusing models of the world and the world itself.

The other is that we are ignoring the wisdom of understanding and accepting the kind of limiting situation we have. We are part of this world, but at the same time, we are in the midst of the difficulty of reestablishing our relationship with the world as a sentient being who distinguishes between self and others (subject and object). In any case, it is practically impossible to come to a clear conclusion to describe this world. Nevertheless, we often commit the foolishness of demanding a conclusion organized into a clear, single, and concise proposition.


In this way,
I deny the reality of reductionism.

In my work, geometric representations are not concepts but rather means chosen somewhat paradoxically to visually represent the phenomenon of ‘convergence.’

For example, if you infinitely divide a circle into sectors - circular segments - you can make a rectangle. In the world of concepts, a rectangle can become a circle, and a circle can become a rectangle. In other words, a world unfolds where the distinction between this and that disappears.


However, due to the premise of ‘infinity’, it is not realized in physical reality. The universe we live in has the smallest physical scale(divisibility limit), and concepts and facts are not the same thing. Even if we enter an era in which observations beyond any singularity and beyond the divisible limits known up to now are possible, this does not mean complete congruence between concepts and facts will occur.

Things that people often choose to find peace of mind, such as the recognition that ‘everything is me and I am everything’, ‘dissolution of the distinction between subject/object’, or ‘non-dualistic origin or source’. It is difficult to avoid the criticism of confusion between abstraction and phenomenon.


In this way,

I deny the reality of monism,

which is based on the assumption of transformation.

The direction we need to pursue may be something that cannot be captured in language or concepts (at least so far). Couldn't these thoughts be what lead me to express my thoughts and feelings in ways other than words or writing?


Organizing the photo work in October 2023
- Photographer BHANG Youngmoon

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