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​응시, 공의 감각 <Contemplative Contemplation - the sense of suññata>

Contemplative contemplation, as the sense of very first life that was begun in the ocean

towards the sun to get the sun's energy for its own life,

not consciousness, not concentration but just as the sense of immemorial antiquity.

In addition, this story is shown to many people through the medium and method of photography.
This is my 'adrift journal', which I write in the vast ocean of ​​the world.

‘Bringing something into my own cognitive world’ is an act of forming a tautological correspondence structure. This is the way of recognition to know something as being or nothing as ontological condition.


Our cognition formed in this way, as well as logical and scientific reasoning beyond the visible image by expanding it, have no choice but it only takes the way to make reductive structures.

My work is based on kinds of reductive structure, but I cannot be a reductionist.


I have a viewpoint that our consciousness and mind begin with the principle of ‘a new layer formed by a complex system beyond the critical point’. For this reason, my art works are based on the effort to temporarily suspend the act of ‘recognition’ based on a tautological correspondence structure such as ‘being - existence’ or ‘nothingness - absence’ and I just want to take my own way for my works.

The photography series <Contemplative Contemplation - the sense of suññata> ‘a reverse engineering of nibbāna(nirvana)’ is based on the 'Mahasatipaṭṭhāna Sutta - The Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness’ in one of the early Buddhist scriptures, one of the Pali Nikāyas, <The Dīgha Nikāya (“Collection of Long Discourses”)>.

It is the Buddha’s meditation lecture. 


I expressed my impressions of, which contains the contents, with modern scientific language and perspectives with various media.

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