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Insights based on the experience in which the distinction between subject and object is deconstructed,

I seek the freedom from delusions such as the ontological independency and the first cause, dichotomous thinking of others, and ontological independency from the pursuit of erroneous coherence, and the valuing dichotomy of essence and phenomena that have been an intellectual disaster of human race since those of ancient times,

and it is the cardinal direction of my work.

Because I feel that it is very necessary for us today to accept that everything is interdependent(not independent) and try to see the reality without misunderstanding.

Not conceptual, not ideological, and not evaluative, and furthermore, does not based on the idea that the reality is an ‘organic whole’ or ‘field’, rather than a distinction from others, I am working to visualize and express it through photographs.

Photography is an activity in which the subject/the object is clearly separated. However, this clear separation also speaks to the structural character of their dependency on each other.


Photography, of any kind, is an art that requires a subject and the activity of the person who captures it. In our point of view and relationship to the world, these thoughts are expressed as visible objects.

- Photographer BHANG Youngmoon


Bhang, Youngmoon




BRC Smart Valley Knowledge Industry Center,
30 Songdomirae-Ro, Yeonsu-gu,

Incheon, Republic of Korea

인천광역시 연수구 송도미래로 30 A동 2106호
(송도동, 송도 BRC 스마트밸리 지식산업센터)

제출이 완료되었습니다!

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