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<Exploring Polyhedron>


What is the intrinsic nature of everything?

But one day,

I realized something.

TRUE-SELF is not the answer,

it's just incomplete concept.

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<Contemplative Contemplation 01>

'Being' cannot be the answer that also include 'TRUE-SELF.'

Everything is the aspect of affairs,

not thing or matter.


In my opinion,

basically ontological approach is a mistake.

<Contemplative Contemplation 02>


What is the intrinsic nature of everything?

A long, long time ago, Abhidharma Buddhists present many concepts.

But one day,

I realized that it is incomplete. 

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Intrinsic nature and extrinsic nature,
existent and nonexistent —
who see these do not see.


不生亦不滅 不常亦不斷 
不一亦不異 不來亦不出
能說是因緣 善滅諸戱論


Whatever is dependently arisen is
Unceasing, unborn,
Unannihilated, not permanent,
Not coming, not going,
Without distinction, without identity,
And free from conceptual construction.

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